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Certification and training

Join one of our training programs and learn how to use our products

Training include theoretical and hands-on training in the different applications, selection and use of our products. The program also covers important rules of installation and common mistakes.

Our trainers are certified E-AT trainers with years of experience from working onsite with customers. The training is designed to increase your team’s skills, reduce mistakes onsite and associated costs. Our training programs are held at E-ATs premises or we can come to your office.

We can also create individual training with the format and content that works best for you and your team – using existing modules, or designing training specific for your needs.

Research, development and testing

We document our products performance

Whether your biggest concern is withstanding a potential fire emergency years down the road—or simply complying with current construction codes regarding firesafety—E-AT offers documentation that makes it easy for you to make a decision.

Our products has undergone severe and very detailed testing from the fire authorities in Denmark called DBI. That means you can trust the rating for each of E-ATs products.

When the unique demands of your application do not match the tests already performed, you can request a complimentary test. E-AT specialists will help you identify an appropriate solution based on experience, testing and independent guidelines.