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Old waste disposal system converted into new ventilation ducts – contract manager very happy with the result

New ventilations system improves the indoor climate – and saves energy

E-AT has cleaned and coated Skovparkens old waste disposal chutes, converting them so that they can be used as intake channels in the new ventilation system. To make sure that the air delivered to the residents are clean, chutes was first cleaned thoroughly to remove old waste debris, insulation material, dust ect. For this work we used our eco-dust finder robot. Then the surface of the concrete chutes was treated using our ventilation coating (VC50).

Our coating creates a new layer insider the chute. In this way we can ensure that air quality is high. Also, by coating we can make sure that odor problems are minimized. In addition, the coating act as a high-performance sealant that closes holes and leakages in the duct system, reducing energy consumption. Since the coating is fire resistant we also contribute to eliminating a fire hazard

The contract manager on the project, Lean Nielsen, expresses his satisfaction with E-AT for professional conduct and for a job well done;” The new ventilation system fully lives up to what we were promised and more. E-ATs solution is fast, cost-effective and the result is high-quality. We would have had to pay much more if we had put in new ducts, it would have caused a lot more problems for residents and E-ATs cleaning and coating solution is as good as putting in new ducts”