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Our cleaning robot used to improve indoor climate and airflow in the residential building Vognvaenget

Better indoor climate and a lower energy bill because of improved airflow is just some of the benefits

Vognvaenget originally wanted to get their ventilation ducts cleaned as a compliance matter. However, the energy saved from cleaning, the lower risk of fire and the improved indoor climate was what made it really interesting.

VIBO Vognvaenget therefore decided to hire E-AT to clean all ventilation ducts in the building. The project covered the cleaning of all ventilation ducts for 234 apartments located on Haraldsgade and Sigynsgade. During this project we used our cleaning robot Eco-dust-finder. ECO-dust-finder™ is an all in one mobile unit with two dust-finder robots in a box. Complete with cleaning tubes, safety wires, control unit, crush/tool storage and filter/water separator. The robot is designed to deliver high quality cleaning, removing dirt, dust, rust etc.

Cleaning the ducts is a very good idea. In fact, your ducts can account for approximately 20 percent of your energy usage when you run your heating and cooling systems. Poor insulation, leaks, disconnected segments, and excessive dirt or other blockages can cause problems with airflow, leading to greater energy use and higher bills. Cleaning is therefore a good first step.

E-AT recommend that ventilation duct is coated after cleaning in order to optimizing your duct function.
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