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Fire retardant Coating for ventilation

The experts recommend our coating for renovation

for use in:

Ventilation ducts that are exposed to conditions that increase the risk of corrosion

Recommended for use on ships / maritime and production facilities

for us in:

Drains and falls

for use in:

Ventilation ducts on floor & commercial property under normal conditions

For environments with chemical fumes / high risk of corrosion, “SC50” is recommended

About E-AT

E-AT consists of a team of well-trained technical specialists, with more than 35 years of industry-specific experience.

We work primarily through partners and help deliver quality solutions to your customers.

E-AT is one of the leading developers of cost-effective coating solutions. Our coating is fire resistant and protects against internal corrosion of the ventilation system.

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Fire Ratings

Read about the difference between a fire retardant and a fire resistantdifference between a fire retardant and a fire resistant

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Fire Technical assessment translated into english

E-AT now has the translated version of the fire technical assessment carried out by the independent testing authority DBI – Danish…

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PH-test of coating – passed without any comments

Our special coating (SC50) has been tested in environments with a pH ranging from 3-12. Coating show no degeneration or reduction in longevity. Therefore our coating is suitable for use in environments where the ventilation is exposed to chemical fumes.Testing has been performed by the Danish Institute of Technology, in accordance with DS/EN ISO 2812-3, 2012.

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